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Photo Courtesy of Alexander Rubin

Wineries Producing Sparkling Wine

Mendocino County is many things and wine country is certainly one of them. If you like your wine with a little effervescence, we’ve got you covered!

Photo Courtesy of Alexander Rubin

Roederer Estates

In the world of California sparkling wines, Roederer is king, and the crown has been earned and battle-tested. The California outpost of a family of esteemed French winemakers, you can’t call it champagne…but that’s a legal nicety.

Pennyroyal Farm

A family-run farm with sustainable practices and lots of cute goats, Pennyroyal’s 2019 Blanc de Noir is an effervescent wonder. 

Photo Courtesy of @vinoforbreakfast

Toulouse Vineyards

A renowned vineyard with a lot of wonderful wines, their 2017 Goose Bubbles is aged on the lees for five years and exhibits a panoply of notes including pear and vanilla flower, with an acidity that makes it a great food wine. 

Photo Courtesy of Steph Meyers

Scharffenberger Cellars

Legends in the industry, an institution on the coast, the Bruts of Scharffenberger Cellars hold their own with more expensive varieties, delighting the palate with notes of brioche and strawberry.

Photo Courtesy of Brendan McGuigan

Lichen Estate

Directly from the fertile heart of Anderson Valley, half of Lichen grapes go into their renowned sparkling wines: their Blanc de Gris and Blanc de Noir, both certain to please connoisseurs and novices alike.

Photo Courtesy of @Graziano_family_of_wines

Graziano Family of Wines

With innovative, unusual wine-making techniques and utilizing grapes not typically used in sparkling wines, Graziano has managed to bring something distinctive, memorable and delicious to the market.

Photo Courtesy of @postpoetpop

Terra Savia

A winery, art gallery and olive-milling facility, Terra Savia has it all–including some exquisite sparkling wines, such as their perfectly-balanced Brut Sparkling Rosé, a crisp, dry Merlot-based offering.

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