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4 Late Night Restaurants

If you’re coming from the city, you might have to brace yourself for the shorter business hours emblematic to rural life. That said, let’s see what we can find to satisfy the night owls looking for a bite to eat.

Patterson’s Pub

A cozy, convivial Irish pub, Patterson’s is a great place to mix with locals, watch the game, enjoy a local craft brew or two, and avail yourself of the ample and inviting menu of pastas, wraps and sandwiches. Patterson’s is open till 11 PM every night. No kids, though a dog has been occasionally seen. 

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Piaci Pub & Pizzeria

A skilled traveler knows to seek out where the locals go. Piaci is a favorite, but it’s a lot more than that: pizza enthusiasts will tell you it’s some of the best pizza on the west coast. Expect a small, cozy room, and bring cash. 

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Cucina Verona

Excellent, high-end Italian food in a stylish setting, Cucina Verona serves until 9 PM, which might not be late-night, exactly, but life goes at a different pace on the North Coast. 

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The Pub

This unpretentiously-named establishment is really a divey sports bar, which is not a knock. If you don’t mind that kind of scene, they serve food, including sushi, until 2 AM. 

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