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4 Great View Points You Can Drive To

Let’s face it – you’re here partly for the views. 

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Mendocino Headlands

The Mendocino Headlands wrap around the town on three sides, and can be accessed from anywhere. Grab a coffee and soak it all in. Watch your step and be careful with the selfies. 

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Navarro Point Preserve

Owned and managed by the Mendocino Land Trust, these 56 acres of wildflower-strewn grasses and breathtaking views are a must-walk for those visitors seeking the kind of beauty only Mendocino County can offer. 

Photo Courtesy of @tavekessler

Westport-Union Landing Vista Point

These gorgeous and rugged bluffs are located just outside of the blink-and-you-miss-it town of Westport, and offer camping as well as viewing opportunities. 

Photo Courtesy of Brendan McGuigan

Mendocino Bay Viewpoint

This is where you want to go for a panoramic view of the village of Mendocino, at the spot where Big River pours itself into the ocean.  

Keep Exploring the Magic!

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