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Graziano Family of Wines


13251 S Highway 101, Hopland, CA, 95449

Graziano Family of Wines produces handcrafted wines with history, heritage, and care. They are consistently full-bodied, uniquely flavored, and finely balanced. Winemaker Greg Graziano specializes in classic Italian and unique old-world varietals. Current labels for the Graziano Family of Wines are Saint Gregory, Monte Volpe, Enotria, and Graziano. The four labels are crafted to preserve each variety’s integrity by employing time-honored Old World cellar practices perfected by the gentle application of modern technology. The intensity of the fruit flavors and the balance of natural acidity of Mendocino hillside-grown grapes allow great flexibility at every level of winemaking. Each variety’s character is preserved and highlighted because we are blessed with fruit that needs little manipulation or intrusive intervention.

Graziano Family of Wines

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