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6 Breweries to Try

Mendocino County doesn’t just have craft breweries – it has some of the most renowned in the world. 

Photo Courtesy of Tall Guy Brewing

Tall Guy Brewing

The newest brewery in the area, Tall Guy Brewing recently opened in Fort Bragg under the guidance of brewmaster Patrick Broderick. The lineup includes a German Helles, a Mexican lager, a Belgian white, three IPAs, an English porter, and one hard and one soft seltzer with nine sugar-free syrup flavorings, among others.

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Overtime Brewing

One of the newer players in the regions craft beer scene, Overtime grew for many years of home brewing experimentation by local friends, and has quickly established itself as a serious contender.

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Anderson Valley Brewing

One of the nation’s flagship craft breweries, Anderson Valley Brewing has remained in the conversation for over thirty years, winning innumerable awards both nationally and worldwide. Their commitment to excellence remains intact today. 

Photo Courtesy of Josh Olalde

North Coast Brewing Company

In business since 1988 and an undisputed leader in the craft beer revolution, North Coast Brewing Company has a wide selection, from their enormously popular pilsner, Scrimshaw, to their legendary – and powerful – Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. 

Photo Courtesy of @northspurbrewing

Northspur Brewing

A passion project for a local homebrewer, Northspur has been making waves in the scene recently, giving Ukiah Brewing Company some friendly competition in the inland Mendocino craft beer scene. 

Photo Courtesy of @ukiahbrewingco

Ukiah Brewing Company

On the scene since 2000, Ukiah Brewing Company was the first all-organic craft brewery in the nation. In addition to good beer, their site features live music, a full menu, and numerous bar games. 

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The New Museum

A small, artisanal brewery, The New Museum Brewers + Blenders in Point Arena brews in an Old World style that makes each batch a unique, funky expression. 

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