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5 Must-See Mendocino County Historical Sites

Journey through Mendocino County’s rich history as you explore its fascinating historic sites. From coastal museums to preserved temples, uncover the captivating stories and cultural treasures that make this region truly enchanting.


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Mendocino Headlands State Park

Discover the rich history of the Mendocino Lumber Company and explore the historic Ford House and Kelley House museums in the park.

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Point Cabrillo Light Station

Visit this beautifully restored, working lighthouse dating back to 1909, and learn about its fascinating history and the lives of the lightkeepers who once maintained it.

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Grace Hudson Museum

Located in Ukiah, this museum celebrates the life and work of renowned painter Grace Carpenter Hudson and showcases the history and art of Mendocino County.

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Temple of Kwan Tai

Step back in time at this historic Chinese Taoist temple in Mendocino Village, built during the 1850s and now a California Historical Landmark.

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Willits Depot

Explore the history of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad at this historic train depot in Willits, offering exhibits, artifacts, and a chance to learn about the impact of the railroad on Mendocino County’s development.

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