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Restaurants Spotlighting Great Local Produce

Mendocino is all about keeping it local, and that starts with the food. Try these great restaurants for a true farm-to-table experience.

Photo Courtesy of @plant_tastes

Ravens Restaurant

Connected to the destination resort The Stanford Inn, Ravens features an entirely organic, entirely plant-based menu centered around local produce, some grown on-site. If you haven’t sampled Trumpet Royale mushroom crab-less cakes over fresh arugula yet, then you haven’t truly experienced the wonders that vegan cuisine can deliver. 

Photo Courtesy of @maccallum_house

MacCallum House Restaurant

One of the jewels in Mendocino’s crown, both for accommodations and dining, the “Mac House,” as the locals call it, features an ever-changing seasonal menu from Chef Alan Kantor that never fails to surprise and delight.


The jewel in inland Mendocino’s crown for inspired farm-to-table dining. Enjoy an elegant meal knowing everything on the end of your fork came from just miles away.

Photo Courtesy of @fogeatercafe

Fog Eater Cafe

Fog Eater Cafe is what happens when a great concept meets up with flawless execution. Vegetarian cuisine, made with garden-fresh ingredients sourced from the area, and – here’s the twist – conceived and prepared with a Southern twang? Yes please. 

Photo Courtesy of @mattmorrisfilms

Harbor House Inn

If your budget allows for a little luxury and you don’t mind a majestically memorable ocean view, try this impressive establishment, with multiple Michelin star wins and a James Beard nomination. Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and chef Matthew Kammerer’s 8-12 course tasting menu will be a night to remember forever, with local produce featured prominently and creatively. 

Photo Courtesy of @stockfarmhopland

Stock Farm

Connected to the lovely Thatcher Hotel, Stock Farm serves a painstakingly-curated menu of seasonal dishes that give you a true taste of Mendocino County.

Boonville Hotel Restaurant

A visit to Mendocino isn’t complete without a visit to Boonville, and while you’re there you’d be remiss not to try this ever-changing menu based on what’s grown on-grounds in the garden and sourced from local purveyors. 

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