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Girl taking a photo of a tall redwood tree

Five Redwood Grove Photo Spots You Won't Want to Miss

Redwoods are an incredible species, towering over the world for centuries. We’re lucky here in Mendocino to have some of the most majestic groves you’ll ever see – and there are few places more suited to a photo op. The towering height of these trees puts into perspective our lives. Here are five of the absolute must see redwood groves in Mendocino County.

A group of people at the base of a towering redwood tree

Montgomery Woods

Located equidistant between Ukiah and the village of Mendocino, Montgomery Woods is home to some of the largest, most impressive redwoods in California. The mighty giants here have created ample space around themselves, making for a grove that feels spacious and quiet. A two-mile loop trail is the perfect way to see these trees, and you’ll find many great photo opportunities at the bases of the redwoods, or in front of fallen trees’ photogenic root structures.

A woman walking between two redwood stumps

Russian Gulch

Most known for the majestic 36-foot waterfall a few miles along the casual hiking trail, Russian Gulch is also home to some truly scenic redwoods. Surrounded by ancient ferns, most of these second- and third-growth redwood stands are more densely-packed than Montgomery Wood, but large stumps bear testament to the massive giants that once lined the trail.

A woman doing a ballet move on a fallen redwood tree

Hendy Woods

The perfect mid-day stopover on a day of wine tasting in the Anderson Valley, Hendy Woods is also a great walk in the redwoods for those who don’t want to exert themselves too much. Most of the best hiking here is fairly level, and you’ll come to some impressive redwoods (including some fallen giants perfect for photo ops) within just a few minutes of the parking lot.

A path going between redwood trees

Navarro River Redwoods

Driving from Cloverdale to the Mendocino Coast you’ll likely take Highway 128 through the Anderson Valley. After you leave the rolling green hills and vineyards of the Valley, but before you hit the coast, you’ll pass through the Navarro River Redwoods. Straight out of the Star Wars speeder bike race, you can take any number of short trails into the groves by simply pulling your car over in a designated pullout to snap the perfect shot. 

Enchanted Forest

For the more adventurous at heart, the Enchanted Forest  – found within the Shady Dell property on the Lost Coast – is home to these incredible Candelabra Redwoods, trees that have been shaped by wind and weather into truly unique forms. Although driving to the Usal Beach Campground is something of a trek (a good 90 minutes from Fort Bragg or 60 minutes from Leggett), the walk from the parking to the trees is less than an hour, and it is absolutely worth it.

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