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Russian Gulch State Park


Russian Gulch State Pk, Mendocino, CA 95460, USA

This is one of the few parks along the coast that includes portions of the forest to the east. Along its three-mile length is evidence of an extensive logging operation that seems to indicate that this was the location of an active mill. The Park contains a total area of 1,162 acres with 7,630 feet of ocean frontage. With its rugged headlands thrusting out into the Pacific, the park is thought of by many as the north coast’s rival of Point Lobos. One of the many features of the headlands is the “blow hole.” Its formation was made by the incessant pounding of waves against the coastal headlands. A tunnel has been formed which comes inland about 200 feet, and at its end the earth has caved away, forming a hole 100 feet across and 60 feet deep; one can look into this flower and plant-lined pit and watch the surging sea at high tide. Or hike inland through Fern Canyon to the 36-foot-high waterfall that’s spectacular after the winter rains.

Russian Gulch State Park

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