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Sinkyone Wilderness State Park


43200 Shoreline Hwy, Westport, CA 95488, USA

Sinkyone Wilderness State Park lies on the southern portion of the Lost Coast, a 60-mile stretch of wilderness comprising the park and the King Range National Conservation Area. For thousands of years, before the first Europeans arrived, the Sinkyone Indians lived on this part of the coast. They occupied permanent villages beside streams and rivers and moved out in family groups to hunt and forage in the hills during the summer. Today, the Lost Coast Trail follows the entire length of the rugged Sinkyone coastline. Gray whales pass by during the winter and early spring. Roosevelt elk roam the grasslands. Sea lions and harbor seals hang out in rocky coves. It’s an arresting landscape, with canyons, arches, tide pools, sea stacks, seasonal wildflowers, waterfalls, and dark sand beaches. On a sunny day, the sea looks turquoise, giving the park a tropical feeling. Access at the south end of the wilderness area at Usal Beach. Approximately one hour north of Ft Bragg on Highway 1 or 15 miles west of Leggett from Highway 101. Look for mile marker 90.88 on PCH. Turn north for approximately 6 miles onto the unpaved, steep, narrow road.

Sinkyone Wilderness State Park

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