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Harvest Mendocino 2023

Harvest Mendocino 2023 October 27 through November 12 • 2023 In late October and early November, discover for yourself that “Magic is Real” in Mendocino County.  Join the festivities during

Micro Trips

Micro-Trips: Routes for Roaming The urban escapist has plenty to work with in Mendocino County. Given its diverse layout and ease of operation, visitors can tuck in for a time

Micro-Trip: Village of Mendocino to Lost Coast

Micro-Trip: Village of Mendocino to Lost Coast 36 Miles 2 Nights Photo Courtesy of Brendan McGuigan Gallery hopping, inspired dining Tucked along the Pacific with a sweet New England-style visage,

vineyard and sunset sky

Micro-Trip: Hopland to Willits

Micro-Trip: Hopland to Willits 35 Miles 2 or 3 Nights Photo Courtesy of @postpoetpop Rustic-chic Perched along Highway 101 at the gateway to Mendocino County, Hopland (pop. 921) is undergoing

Webcams of Mendocino County

Webcams of Mendocino County Ever changing seasons, sunrises and sunsets, storms rolling in over the ocean, rainbows spanning the sky – you never know what you’ll find when you tune

4 Late Night Restaurants

Photo Courtesy of @highoneating 4 Late Night Restaurants If you’re coming from the city, you might have to brace yourself for the shorter business hours emblematic to rural life. That

3 Incredible Cocktail Programs

3 Incredible Cocktail Programs Mendocino County is rich in culinary experiences and amazing cocktail programs – bars that rival those in any world city (but without the city prices), many

3 Places to get Sweet Treats

3 Places to get Sweet Treats You’re on vacation – treat yourself.  1.Frankie’s Mendocino Frankie’s is a relaxed lunch spot serving delicious pizza, falafels and ice cream, with organic ingredients

6 Great Dive Bars

Photo Courtesy of Carina Bosse 6 Great Dive Bars Mendocino County is home to some fantastic bars, many of which have been serving patrons for close to a hundred years,

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