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Fantastic Places for Yoga

For some of us, vacation and yoga are practically the same word. Here’s a helpful guide to some studios that will happily host drop-ins.

Photo Courtesy of @inkdchinagirl

Radiant Yoga

With an extremely reasonable drop-in fee that’s perfect for visitors – or punch-cards if you’re having a longer stay – this versatile studio features bikram, vinyasa, bikyasa and more.

Photo Courtesy of @ayurvedayogini

Rise and Be Well

An all-in-one health and wellness center with float tanks, massage, sound therapy, skincare and more, Rise and Be Well also offers a variety of yoga classes, including the only hot yoga on the coast, a must for that classic Mendocino foggy day!

Photo Courtesy of Jade Stephens

Thrive Yoga

Affordable, fun and award-winning, Thrive is locally-owned, unpretentious and ready for your yoga or pilates needs during your Willits stay!

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