Mendocino County is a transformational environment for restorative well-being and soul-full living. It’s a “Winter Wanderland” destination where visitors are invited to recalibrate and rejuvenate amongst nature. Quiet misty mornings and romantic coastal fog drifting above the riverbanks are signatures of the season. When paired with locally grown, award-winning cannabis, skygazing, babbling brooks, and deep reflection take on a soul stirring experience as you dream about the year ahead.

Escape and recharge with these elevated winter getaways in magical Mendocino County.


Orr Hot Springs is sacred ground. For first peoples of this land, these hot springs were a place of peace where tribes would gather and interact around the ritual of bathing. In the 1800s, Orr Hot Springs became a favorite resting stop on the Ukiah-Mendocino stagecoach line. The mineral waters of Orr Springs were known throughout Northern California for their healing properties. City-dwellers would visit once or twice annually, seeking out the hot spring baths.

The Orr Hot Springs Upper Deck clawfoot tubs are a signature experience. Climb up the stairs to the Upper Deck and enjoy a relaxing hot mineral water bath. Soak quietly under the star-filled sky, breathe, and meditate. A sitting area is there for you to relax and cool down, as needed.

The Orr Hot Springs environment is calming and centering. Orr offers five water therapy soaking experiences and a sauna and steam room. Day passes are with add-on massage services, available for 60- or 90-minute sessions. Private tub options are available for reservation. Make your bookings far in advance because demand is high. Orr Springs is clothing optional, offers 23 guest room cottages (including yurts and cabins), plus a communal kitchen for shared use.


Originally the homeland of the Pomo Natives of Anderson Valley, Hendy Woods State Park sits along the Navarro River and is home to towering ancient redwood trees. This dog-friendly park offers five miles of trails through fern-filled forests that will leave you in awe, with a renewed gratitude for the healing powers of nature. Stop by a local Anderson Valley cannabis shop, then transport yourself in this majestic river and redwood setting with an elevated point of view.

Winter rains create waterways that weave throughout the forest floor. You’re invited to explore these streams of solitude. They are seasonal gems and entice visitors to experience the redwoods in a new and different way. Lose track of time and find moments to be still. Discover the babbling brooks of Hendy Woods and listen to the winter water flow. Feel the mist in the air and enjoy the smells that unlock with the wet season. Take in the little things, pause, and reflect.

Four-legged friends are welcome in the campground and day-use areas of the Park. The giant redwoods of Hendy Woods are over three-hundred feet tall and nearly 1,000 years old. The Park offers day passes, 25 picnic areas along the river, two campgrounds, 92 campsites, and four cabins. Visitors have a variety of options and comfort levels to choose from. Hendy Woods is wheelchair friendly and highly accessible for all.

Perched on the majestic coast, Mendocino Village is a picturesque seaside town known for its homegrown art scene and bohemian roots. The winter season offers a quiet and calm experience as the local shops and restaurants create an environment where activity and food options are well-balanced. Winter travelers are encouraged to adopt the pace of nature and slow down with the season. In Mendocino culture, winter is a time to detach, reflect, and recharge for the year ahead.

Sweetwater Spa is a hidden gem. The CBD Complete Massage at Sweetwater Spa promises to “soothe and relax from head to toe” and includes 50- or 80- minute service options. To elevate the experience further, pair cannabis with the outdoor redwood tub experience at Sweetwater. There is something special about soaking in a natural tub made of ancient redwood while watching the steam rise in the cool winter air. Soothe your body and stretch your mind as you relax and gaze up at the stained-glass evening sky art above. The redwood tub is an experience in itself. Unwind in solitude, with your sweetie, or amongst close friends. The tub can seat up to six adults comfortably.

Like much of Mendocino County, this coastal community has a strong connection to earth and plant-based medicines including cannabis and fungi. This tiny walkable town has two distinctly different cannabis shops and a blown glass gallery style shop to explore. Sol de Mendocino, Spark, and Leonard Moore Cannabis Shop are all worth a visit, as are Dragonfly Wellness Center and The Bakery in nearby Fort Bragg.