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St. Orres

St. Orres


36601 Highway One, Gualala, CA 95445

Just three hours north of San Francisco, on a sunny stretch of coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, lie over 50 acres of amazing beauty—and more than a little magic— known as St. Orres. For the past 37 years, this site has been a labor of love for co-owners, Rosemary Campiformio and Eric Black. With incredible dedication, skill, and care, Eric designs and personally builds unique structures that echo and honor the romantic Russian heritage of the area; hence the onion domes that distinguish the inn. Rosemary has creatively collaborated with Eric for decades and is the Executive Chef of The Dining Room and Seaside Bar where you can sample her creation, North Coast Cuisine, which has won praise and accolades from guests and culinary professionals from around the world. The goal has always been to respect the land, its shape, and its history and to create a coastal sanctuary where revelry and romance, song and silence, silliness and serenity, feasting, and fasting are equally welcome and appropriate.

Stay in the hotel or the cottages that dot the property.

St. Orres

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