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Discover 5 Relaxing Hiking Trails in Mendocino County

Let the peace and beauty of nature wash over you as you explore the miles of hiking trails across Mendocino County. The woodlands and coastline offer new joys and discoveries with every season and a truly magical array of choices, from giant redwoods to stunted pygmy, windswept bluffs, to lush canyons.

Photo Courtesy of Brendan McGuigan

Fern Canyon Trail

Located in Van Damme State Park, this 2.5-mile trail takes you through a lush canyon lined with ferns, mosses, and towering redwoods. The trail follows a meandering creek, offering a serene and shaded hike suitable for all skill levels.

Photo Courtesy of @goldensprkle

Ecological Staircase Trail

This 2.5-mile loop trail in Jug Handle State Natural Reserve showcases the region’s unique geological history. Hike through five distinct terraces, each with its own plant communities, while enjoying stunning coastal views.

Photo Courtesy of Brendan McGuigan

Peter Douglas Trail

This 2.3-mile trail in the Shady Dell area of Sinkyone Wilderness State Park offers breathtaking views of the Lost Coast. Traverse through redwood groves and coastal prairies, and discover some unique Chandelier Redwoods.

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Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve Loop

This 2.2-mile loop trail takes you through a pristine old-growth redwood forest, home to some of the tallest trees in the world. Wander among these ancient giants and marvel at the beauty of nature in this tranquil setting.

Russian Gulch Waterfall Loop

Located in Russian Gulch State Park, this 7.4-mile loop trail features a stunning 36-foot waterfall, dense redwood forests, and a picturesque coastline. The trail offers a moderate challenge with plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting and photography.

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