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The Cannabis Trail

Welcome, fellow cannabis enthusiasts, to The Cannabis Trail – a journey through the heart of California’s rich cannabis culture. The Cannabis Trail winds through northern California, offering a unique tapestry of landmarks that illuminate the history, cultivation, and cultural significance of cannabis. This curated Cannabis Trail adventure promises an immersive exploration of the plant’s journey from seed to consumption.


As we venture north into the Redwoods, Mendocino County unfolds with its landmarks, each contributing to the region’s reputation for craftsmanship and artisanal cultivation. LGBTQ+, BIPOC and women-owned, Plantshop in Ukiah emerges as a botanical sanctuary, showcasing outdoor, sun-grown, biodynamic flower, artisanal products, and an outdoor consumption lounge. This landmark honors the story of the back-to-the-land movement in Mendocino County which gave rise to The Emerald Triangle and the modern-day craft cannabis market known for terpene rich, top-shelf cannabis. Here, enthusiasts can explore a diverse range of cultivars. Lounge experiences include bands, DJs, yoga classes, guided art classes, dab takeovers, a cannabis beverage bar, farmer’s markets and demos. 

The Bohemian Chemist

The Bohemian Chemist in Philo marks our next stop, symbolizing Mendocino’s commitment to innovation. This cannabis apothecary and lounge with a vintage vibe represents the intersection of science and artistry, where cannabis is crafted with precision and passion. Their in-house line of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates comes from their generational Sugar Hill Farm, named after the founder’s mother who originally cultivated the farm. Delve into the chemistry behind the cultivars and delve into your experience (and contribute to cannabis science) by participating in their “E Effects” survey. This landmark honors the story of Landrace cultivars, rare cannabinoids, and the terroir and rich cultural cannabis heritage of Anderson Valley. Bonus: The shop and farm are LGBTQ+ owned.

Sol de Mendocino

Sol de Mendocino completes our trio of landmarks in Mendocino County, celebrating the region’s commitment to sustainable and sun-grown cannabis. Nestled in the heart of the charming village of Mendocino, this landmark with an ocean view offers a selection of premium products and is known for carrying some of the best local top-tier cannabis. This landmark honors the story of Pebbles Trippet, the pioneering woman who led the charge to take on the Supreme Court, litigate and change medical marijuana transport laws using her constitutional rights. Pebbles’s story is fascinating and worth spending some time with – scan the QR code on the landmark sign and learn all about ‘The Trippet Standard’ that created the legal right for patients to carry their medicine.

Unveiling History and Culture

The Cannabis Trail weaves together the stories of these nine landmarks, creating a narrative that spans the diverse landscapes of Humboldt & Mendocino counties, Oakland and more. Beyond the lush fields and city streets, The Cannabis Trail reflects a plant’s resilience, innovation, and cultural significance that has woven itself into the fabric of California’s identity. The full trail spans nine counties and twenty points of interest and is constantly evolving, much like the story of cannabis in Northern California.

This trail is not just a physical journey but a celebration of the pioneers, artisans, and advocates who have transformed cannabis into a cultural phenomenon. Join us as we traverse The Cannabis Trail, connecting with the soul of California’s cannabis culture and uncovering the stories that have shaped this remarkable journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in a trailblazing adventure, where each landmark is a chapter in the ever-evolving cannabis saga in the Golden State. Before you begin your journey, be sure to peruse the Know Before You Go guide

Keep Exploring the Magic!

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