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Micro-Trips: Routes for Roaming

The urban escapist has plenty to work with in Mendocino County. Given its diverse layout and ease of operation, visitors can tuck in for a time out in an ancient redwood grove, skirt 90 miles of raw California coastline or drop anchor in the enclave of Elk for a Michelin star meal. From Point Arena to Hopland, the network of quiet towns and vine-swept backcountry speak to the micro-trip trend, enabling Mendocino County to allow visitors and residents alike, room to roam.

1. Boonville to Little River – 36 miles, 2 or 3 nights
2. Gualala to Elk – 31 miles, 2 nights
3. Hopland to Willits – 35 miles, 2 or 3 nights
4. Village of Mendocino to Lost Coast – 36 miles, 2 nights

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