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5 Great Relaxation Experiences in Mendocino

Vacations are about two things: adventures and relaxation. Here, we focus on the latter.

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Sweetwater Inn and Spa

Popular with both visitors and locals, Sweetwater seduces and satisfies even the most discerning relaxation-seeker with its redwood hot-tubs and cedarwood sauna.

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Mendocino Ocean Kayak Tours

In the mood for an experience that combines relaxation with adventure? Mendocino Kayak Tours will help you explore pristine bays and mysterious sea caves from the safety of your light, easy-to-maneuver ocean kayak. 

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Skunk Train

Probably Fort Bragg’s most famous tourist attraction – outside of Bigfoot – the Skunk Train is a fully-operation antique steam train that takes riders through the region’s stunning old growth redwood forests. 

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Rise and Be Well

In the back of Fort Bragg’s Company Store, Rise and Be Well is an all-in-one health, wellness and relaxation emporium featuring everything from sound and light therapy to float tanks, reiki treatments and massage.

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Sol de Mendocino

If you know anything about the area, you know what Mendocino County has long been known for and – good news – it’s legal now! Try Sol de Mendocino for boutique cannabis products grown and prepared by the best in the world. 

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