Coro Mendocino Lineup

The 8 Current Wineries of Coro Mendocino

Coro Mendocino is one of the most unique projects in American winemaking – and one that consistently produces some incredible results! Wineries in the county craft world-class blends that are built to showcase the most important heritage vine of the county – zinfandel (40-70% of the blend uses this grape)! Winemakers submit the wines to a blind tasting panel to be approved to bear the Coro label, resulting in consistent, but always distinctive, luxury red wines!  

Barra of Mendocino

Since 1955 BARRA of Mendocino has been crafting amazing wines that showcase the diversity of the inland valleys. Their Coro blends date back to 2008, and are consistently loved by consumers.

Brutocao Cellars

Brutocao Cellars is one of the original Coro producers, participating in every vintage all the way back to 2001. They’ve been crafting (including many Italian-varietal) wines in Mendocino County since 1980 sourced from family vineyards, including their own four-Italian blend, Quadriga – a fun accompaniment to a bottle of Coro!

DNA Vineyards

DNA Vineyards is a newcomer to the Coro project – but not a newcomer to incredible winemaking. They’ve been making some of your favorite national private label wines for more than a decade, and winemaker Dennis Patton is one of the most sought-after consultants in California. A perfect fit for Coro!

Golden Vineyards

Biodynamic vineyards, a marriage of passion between farming and winemaking, and a true love of craft. These elements all come together in Golden Vineyards, one of the original members of the Coro project, and a part of every vintage dating back to 2001. 

Greenwood Ridge

Dating back to 1980, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards quickly gained a reputation for small-production, high-quality wines. Although perhaps best known early on for their Alsace varietals, zinfandel has long been a part of their makeup – and they bring an amazing sensibility to their Coro offerings.

Jaxon Keys

Jaxon Keys, just off the highway outside Hopland, has a deep heritage in Mendocino County – a parcel of land from 1858, first planted in 1960, and on the site of a 1984 winery. In addition to world-renowned brandy, Jaxon Keys produces incredible Estate wines from zinfandel, syrah, petite sirah, and grenache – and they use some of these grapes for consistently impressive Coro offerings.

Photo Courtesy of @parducciwine

Parducci Wine Cellars

Billed as Mendocino County’s oldest winery, Parducci Wine Cellars has been crafting amazing wines (including zinfandel) for more than 80 years. One of the original members of the Coro project, Parducci consistently achieves excellence with their blends.

Testa Vineyards

Testa Vineyards was started in 1912 – well over a hundred years ago by Gaetano and Maria Testa, after emigrating from Northern Italy. The Testa family continues their tradition, crafting world-class wines just outside of Calpella.

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