Pearls of Wisdom Jewelry


10551 Kasten St, Mendocino, CA, 95460

From her studio on the gorgeous Pacific Ocean coastline overlooking her garden in Mendocino, Hillary Schneider channels the energy of gardens, plants, nature, and what women hold closest to their hearts in order to create hundreds of jewelry designs that she builds, and now sells worldwide. Her latest collection, Prosperity, embraces the elegance and organic grace of nature to complement the female essence. Her materials include a mix of fine silver clay, freshwater pearls, a spectrum of gemstones, sterling silver, and gold fill. Each piece is entirely handmade and either crafted and/or fired in a metal clay kiln. Hillary grew up in Carmel, CA, and was trained in fabrication and ceramics. Each design from Pearls of Wisdom Design is unique and is ideal for both special occasions and everyday wear. She also photographs each creation in her garden.

Pearls of Wisdom Jewelry

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