Pokémon Go in Mendocino

Pokemon GO in Fort Bragg
Welcome, Pokémon Trainers, to Mendocino County! With hundreds of miles of trails, stunning bodies of water, dozens of parks, and countless historic landmarks, Mendocino County is a perfect place for a Trainer to get away and seek their elusive prey.

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We have suggestions of some of our favorite places to find and catch rare Pokémon, as well as some favorite PokéStops. If you have any places you'd like to see added, please let us know via Twitter (@visitmendocino), Instagram (@visitmendocino), or Facebook.

6 Great Places to Explore

Lake Mendocino

Just off of Highway 101 is Lake Mendocino, a nearly 2,000 acre lake and recreational area. You can get out on the water by renting a boat or kayak, if you want to explore the shoreline for Water-type Pokémon, or take advantage of the dozens of miles of hiking trails to seek out terrestrial Pokémon.

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Seaside Beach

One of our favorite off-the-beaten-path beaches also turns out to be a popular spot for visiting Pokémon. Located just a few miles north of Fort Bragg, Seaside Beach is also a fantastic place to watch the sun set (and wait for nocturnal Pokémon to emerge).

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Navarro Redwoods

One of the routes into Mendocino County, Highway 128, takes you through the beautiful Navarro River Redwoods. There are plenty of turnouts here that will allow you to explore some beautiful redwood groves without much hiking, and to discover the Pokémon that are hiding there. We've had great luck with the Paul M. Demmick Campground.

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Russian Gulch

The hike to the Russian Gulch waterfall is 4.8 miles roundtrip, with the majority of the hike on level ground alongside a creek, and a slightly more strenuous half mile before you reach the 36′ waterfall. It's a beautiful hike, all through map-designated State Park, and we've been getting quite a few reports of rare Pokémon near the waterfall itself.

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Point Arena-Stornetta National Monument

Covering more than 12 miles of coastline, the Point Arena-Stornetta National Monument are a perfect place to discover some rare Water-type Pokémon. Trails cover the bluffs here, giving you plenty of opportunities to find new Pokémon, and also to see some of the incredible natural features of the landscape. The nearby Point Arena Lighthouse is also a popular PokéStop.

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Cities of Fort Bragg & Ukiah

Both downtown Fort Bragg and downtown Ukiah offer a nice high density of both PokéStops and urban Pokémon. Most of the PokéStops are historical markers or landmarks (murals and relics of the logging age, for example), but some are interesting oddities of the town, like the Triangle Tattoo Museum in Fort Bragg. We recommend parking near Laurel Street in Fort Bragg or Perkins Street in Ukiah for the highest density of PokéStops and Pokémon – these are also great places to meet and trade tips with other Trainers!

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Some Favorite PokéStops

Point Arena Lighthouse (Point Arena)

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse (Mendocino)

Lover's Bench (Mendocino)

Time & The Maiden Statue (Mendocino)

Triangle Tattoo & Museum (Fort Bragg)

Early Logging Railroad Car (Fort Bragg)

North Coast Brewing Company (Fort Bragg)

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas Gate (Ukiah)

Scissor Sculpture (Ukiah)

Lady in the Lotus Garden (Ukiah)

Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree (Leggett)

Confusion Hill (Leggett)

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