Pet-Friendly Mendocino County

Glass Beach Dog

In pet-friendly Mendocino County, the welcome for pets goes far beyond bowls of water outside local businesses.

This is a place where virtually all of the top experiences—canoe trips, fine dining, wine tasting, and quiet retreats in luxury inns—are as available to your dog as they are to you. In fact, Fido Friendly and Bark Magazine are among the publications that have declared Mendocino County a standout for visitors traveling with their dogs. Download our complete pet-friendly guide here and check out our online listing of pet-friendly lodging.

Traveling with your pets in Mendocino County does not mean having to settle for less than ideal lodging. Your four-legged family members are welcome everywhere from 4-star full service resorts, to ocean front hotels, to value priced accommodations. Pet fees are usually very modest and many lodgings provide something special to make your pet feel comfortable. For the safety of pets, owners and other guests, please do not leave your pet alone in a hotel room or other place. Be considerate and pick up after your pets, and please follow all guidelines/restrictions of the lodging establishments.

Wine Tasting with Fido
No trip to Mendocino County is complete without some wine tasting. You don't have to leave your pets behind. There are two major wine producing areas: Anderson Valley, known for its world famous Pinot Noirs, and the Redwood Corridor, which produces numerous varietals. All wineries listed in the pet guide welcome pets, some in tasting rooms and some at outdoor decks or patios. A few even have resident canine greeters!

No one likes to leave a pet behind while dining. So why not choose one of the restaurants listed in our guide? Though the health department does not allow dogs (except service dogs) in the actual restaurant, many restaurants have outdoor decks perfect for meals for the whole family.

Play Time!
No dog objects to playing on the beach or hiking through the redwoods with its owners. But Mendocino County also offers pets a train ride on the Skunk Train, a romp through the flowers at the Botanical Gardens, a canoe or kayak ride, or a whale watching cruise. There are even several off-leash dog parks and beaches for those dogs that need a little extra exercise.

A dog’s life is not all play. There are certain essentials needed such as food, a new hairdo, doggie day care and excellent vet services just in case. And who can resist a little shopping at some of the local pet boutiques to pick out that special toy or treat?

A full guide to pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, wineries, parks, beaches and dog parks is online at