On a rainy weekend at the beginning of February 2019, four explorers from The Outbound Collective made their way to Mendocino County  to find out what all the fuss is about! You can read the full account of their adventures here. Maybe you’ll be inspired to Find Your Happy in Mendocino County!


Day One

Inland Mendocino County has its own special sauce as The Outbounders discovered when they checked in for a cup of Joe at Black Oak Coffee Roasters followed by a stop at Oco Time to sample delicious okonomyaki, a kind of Japanese-style omelette that originated in Hiroshima. A short drive took them to RIVINO, a winery set on the banks of the Russian River. Owner Jason McConnell, always up for an adventure himself, fired up his truck and took our intrepid band on a vineyard tour… complete with wine of course! The end of the day found The Outbounders soaking in the springs at Vichy Springs Resort where, over the years, luminaries and celebrities have also come to relax and rejuvenate. A soak before dinner at Chop Chop and it was an early night for all!


Day Two

The break of day saw our heroes heading into the forest for a hike in Montgomery Woods, home to ancient redwoods whose canopies spread more than 300 feet above the ground. Ready for more action, the crew drove the windy east/west road to Mendocino and Russian Gulch State Park. With breakfast a long time behind them, it was time for pizza and ice cream at Frankie’s (always a favorite with locals) and an exploration of Big River Beach. A quick zoom down the coast and a swift hike up the lighthouse steps revealed the 360 degree views from the top of the Point Arena Lighthouse. A trip to the county isn’t complete without a chat with one of our local legends… and on this trip it was Bobby Beacon at the Beacon Light by the Sea, where business is conducted in the living room (now the bar!). Food is top of mind for explorers and they weren’t disappointed by the fare at Greenwood Pier Restaurant, part of the soon-to-be Sacred Rock Resort. With the moon shining bright, it was time to call it a night at the Elk Cove Inn.


Day Three

Mendocino County is full of surprises and unique things to do and see! And one of the best is an outrigger canoe ride up Big River with Catch A Canoe where seals and otters compete for the cuteness factor. Not to be outdone, the Skunk Train has launched Railbikes that depart from the Laurel Street depot in Fort Bragg and head out along Pudding Creek. What a way to explore! A trip to the coast wouldn’t be complete without a walk along the waves at Pudding Creek Bridge and MacKerricher State Park. Adventurers need sustenance so they head to Overtime Brewing to down some grub and suds and finish the evening with a campfire ‘smores cookout on the deck at the Beachcomber Motel.


Day Four

It’s The Outbounders’ last day on the job so they opt to head to Anderson Valley and a stop at Pennyroyal Farm to visit the expectant mama goats, the studly bucks, and the chance to sample estate-grown wines and cheeses!


We hope you enjoyed The Outbound adventure around the county…. Call us and we’ll create an adventure just for you!