Ready for Mr. Fungi?

Every year, as the winter rains begin to fall, a magical transformation starts to happen in Mendocino's forests and woods...
big porcino
Hello Mr. Fungi!!

…and emerging from the duff of the forest floor come mushrooms in all shapes and sizes. And every year, Mendocino County celebrates the return of the ‘shrooms by holding the 10-day Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival, which features three of our favorite things to eat and drink.

Mendocino County is home to more than 3,000 types of mushrooms, and it’s the perfect place to pick and sample some of the 500 types of edible mushrooms you’ll find here. Hidden in the woods are chanterelles, porcini, hedgehogs, and even the rare Candy Cap mushroom, a real culinary treat with an intense maple syrup flavor that makes for surprisingly delicious ice cream!

Plan your next trip to Mendocino County around the festival, which runs from November 3–12, 2017. There are dozens of great events, fungi foodie events, mushroom forays and hikes, and opportunities to learn about the power of the fungi!

Restaurants create marvelous mushroom menus to tease the palate. Learn how to pair your favorite ‘shroom with wine and beer by attending a winemaker or brewmaster dinner with the experts. This year, home brews are one of the stars of the festival with the first Mendocino Homebrew Festival taking place in Ukiah.

End your day of foraging, eating, and drinking at one of the many hotels, inns, and B&Bs that extend tempting rates for the traveler throughout the festival. Click here for a list of lodging specials.

Download the entire festival guide here and check our website and newsletters for more fun festival information.

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