Follow the Winding Road

Mendocino County is a land ripe for exploration. From the moment you start meandering through the hills there is a sense of excitement, adventure and discovery. The hills open up and you find yourself in the verdant Anderson Valley. Time slows down. You’ve made it to MendoLand.


The Mushrooms Taste Like Mushrooms

There’s something particularly special about winter in Mendocino County. The hills are green, the forests are lush and the coast is crystal clear. But beyond the beautiful views, winter is a time to sate your stomach with the best of the local bounty. Freshly foraged mushrooms fill your plate as delicate waves of cherry, pennyroyal and truffle waft from your glass of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. Just-caught crab from the Mendocino coast crashes over your palate as a symphony of bubbles plays, perfectly paired in a flute of Anderson Valley sparkling wine. Whatever your flavor, you can find it in MendoLand.


Just The Ticket

You can play in the rain or cozy up next to the fire. You can hike through the redwoods or squish your toes through the sand. You can drink red wine or white. Mendoland is what you make it. And if you book now, you’re in for an extra treat. Plan a trip with our participating partners for January 8-March 14, 2021 and you’ll get a special surprise upon check-in. This is a gift that keeps on giving. With each MendoLand package you’ll have the chance to win. Gift certificates for wine, dining and future lodging await you, along with all that MendoLand has to offer. Several lucky winners will WIN a return trip to MendoLand.


Play by the Rules

Mendocino County at its most bustling still feels like your own secret place. We did social distancing before it even entered into the lexicon. But we want to assure you, everyone is taking Covid-19 safety very seriously. Rules and relaxation don’t often go hand-in-hand but your MendoLand escape will provide the ultimate in comfort while still following all the necessary guidelines. Plan your escape to MendoLand.