Since the early 1900s the sweeping vistas, towering redwoods, and esoteric hamlets of Mendocino County have captivated the creative minds of Hollywood. Famous actors and directors have vacationed in Mendocino, lived in Mendocino, and most especially chosen Mendocino as the backdrop for their art. Dozens of films, ranging from small B movies to Hollywood blockbusters, have been filmed in Mendocino County. These are a few of our favorites.

Frenchman's Creek

1944: Frenchman’s Creek

James Dean in East of Eden

1955: East of Eden

Recognize this shot? James Dean is sitting on the sidewalk on Main Street in the village of Mendocino.


1965: The Russians are Coming


1969: The Dunwich Horror


1970: Summer of ’42


1978: Same Time Next Year

Filmed at the Heritage House between Albion and Little River, this remains a favorite of visitors to the area – with many guests fondly reminiscing about their own ‘Same Time Next Year’ trips.


1982: Cujo


1983: Racing with the Moon

The Skunk Train plays a prominent role in this film – and visitors to this day recognize it from the movie!


1987: Overboard


1990: Dying Young


1992: Forever Young

Recognize that lighthouse? That’s the Point Arena Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse on the west coast!


1993: Pontiac Moon


2001: The Majestic


2014: Need for Speed

There’s that lighthouse again (well, the entrance to the property, anyway)! The Point Arena Lighthouse is prominent (and beautifully captured) in the climax of the movie.