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Petit Teton Farm


18601 California 128, Yorkville, CA, USA

Petit Teton is an old fashioned family farm in Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. Since 2004 we have continued to transform 10 acres of range land into a diversified, thriving farm from which we sell our perfectly raised meats—pork, beef, squab, stewing hens—and eggs, as well as a wide variety of canned goods. The farm is open to drop-in visitors every day, Monday-Saturday 9-5, Sunday 12-5.

The climate in our area is Mediterranean which means that fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables and herbs grow in abundance. In 2011 we built a commercial kitchen at the heart of the farm allowing us to create our canned goods. Our motto, “We grow it. We can it.” means we do not buy any ingredients other than those we cannot grow, and on each jar the ingredients we grow are starred (*). The farm’s diversity is reflected in the products produced: jams, conserves, butters, sauces, chutneys, relishes, soups, drink mixers, and pickled everything. Availability always varies based on the bounty the land provides in any
given year.

We welcome your visit and are happy if you want to wander the farm and if we’re not too busy, we’re happy to wander with you. Nikki and Steve

Petit Teton Farm

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