Regions and Towns of Mendocino County

Mendocino County is not so much a place as a state of mind. Spectacular scenery, a sense of isolation, an aesthetic sensibility, and a strong sense of community are the standout highlights of a trip to Mendocino County.

Start a vacation or weekend by packing a bag, fueling up, and head to a destination where you leave the stress behind. No matter where you come from, your first impression of Mendocino County is one of outstanding natural beauty: a drive into the county from the north reveals redwood forests and rivers, from the east, travel through rolling hills to the promise of the ocean, and from the south, spy verdant vineyards and the blue and gold of distant mountains. This is what we offer… a promise of awe at the foot of a redwood tree, a gasp at the sight of a breaching whale, a sigh of pleasure from a sip of wine, hand-crafted from century-old vines… and our welcome.

The county’s large geographical area is broadly divided into two separate, yet contiguous, parts: coastal and inland, with their own unique characteristics. Each area has its distinct attractions, yet there are commonalities to be found in fine wining and dining, outdoor recreation, and experiences.

Our Regions and Towns