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Cool Consumption Lounges

Marijuana legalization has resulted in a lot of safe, relaxing, and aesthetically-pleasing places for you to not only shop but enjoy your purchase.

Photo Courtesy of @kuremendocino

Kure Wellness

Kure Wellness is not only a one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs; they also have a lovely, outdoor, dog-friendly consumption lounge where you can enjoy their products onsite – and beginning summer 2024 they’ll have a drive-thru!

Compassionate Heart

This well-regarded dispensary features an outdoor consumption lounge with immaculate vibes, artwork on the walls, live entertainment, and the quintessential Mendocino staple that is the abalone shell ashtray.

The Bohemian Chemist

For a more deluxe experience than your standard consumption lounge, try The Bohemian Chemist at The Madrones in the tiny town of Philo. The Madrones is a Mediterranean-style compound featuring luxury accommodations, wood-fired cuisine, wine-tasting rooms and cannabis consumption lounges.

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