Laytonville, California is an inland community about 20 miles North/Northwest of Willits and three hours north of San Francisco in Mendocino County, was founded by a Canadian blacksmith, who built a house and smithy on the spot. It's near the headwaters of the South Fork Eel River. Thousands gather at Black Oak Ranch, about five miles north of town, for the Kate Wolf Music Festival  every year in June. Black Oak Ranch offers camping, and  is also home is also home to Wavy Gravy's performing arts camp for children, Camp Winnarainbow, as well as a rural home for the Hog Farm, America's longest running hippie commune. Nearby Mendocino Magic is a scenic 600-acre campground, popular for family reunions, weddings, and similar. events. If you're a fan of sustainable communities, check Laytonville Ecovillage.  Alder Springs Vineyard is a spectacular property that produces fruit for some of California's best wines.

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