Art Road Trip on Highway 128

Anderson Valley is known for its magical alchemy of redwoods, vineyards, sheep, great food and wine… and of course artists!

Anderson Valley Open Studios asks local artists to clean up their private studios a little (just a little) so you, the public, can find your way up windy roads, under canopies of oak trees, past autumn vineyards and squeeze into the studios to see where they work, check out some of their new work, and connect with the creative process.

The orange signs up and down 128 will lead you to the artists’ studios from 11 to 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday, November 6 and 7, 2021.

The artists this year are:

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In an era where we spend too much time on the computer and phone, connect with the part of you that is hungry for that hands-on, creative process.  This is a free and a unique opportunity – We welcome you to visit, get inspired, and perhaps get an original piece of art!