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Hairy Putter at Baechtel Creek Inn


In Mendocino County we have lodging available for every taste, budget and size of traveling pets: charming inns, quaint bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels, budget motels, RV parks, campgrounds, vacation rentals, farmhouses, barns, cottages, water towers and more. Mendocino County has lodging accommodations that will welcome you, pamper you, and spoil you just the way we like it. To make sure that everyone’s stay is perfect, please make sure that your uprights adhere to the pet guidelines of each accommodation property. Uprights: please be considerate of other guests who do not have pet companions.  For our safety never leave us alone in a room and always clean up after us. If special pet sheets and coverings are provided, please use them. We pets really don’t mind if you want some upright alone time and take advantage of an available pet sitting service. Let’s make everyone’s lodging experience wonderful so we can keep coming back to our favorite homes away from home for years to come.


Hairy Putter in the CarWe canines sure know all about food, the major cause of slobber chops; seriously, have you ever known one of us who doesn’t love to dine? Here in Mendocino County there is a variety of restaurants where you can do just that with your uprights right beside you. Choose from comfort food, cozy patio fare al fresco, picnic fun or elegant fine dining, the county has it all. From burgers of buffalo, vegetarian and vegan wraps, Mexican and world fusion, local bounty, farm to table, organic, sustainable and seasonal produce, poultry, meat and seafood - in Mendocino County there is a dining establishment to satisfy your gastronomical yearnings and desires. Some even have a menu designed just for us.

Please remember, uprights, to keep us on a leash, be conscious and respectful of other diners and remember individual establishments have their own doggie dining guidelines. Like collars and leashes, it is not a one-size-fits-all thing, so if in doubt, check them out ahead of time to learn what exactly each establishment requests. Follow these few small suggestions and more restaurants will begin to open their doors to us, which means more food opportunities and what dog doesn’t want that!

Now please excuse me, all this talk of food has this chow hound needing to go in search of a snack.


Even though H2O is the beverage of choice for moi, some of my best experiences as a canine have been visiting the amazingly pet friendly wineries and breweries of Mendocino County. Out of all the wine/beer producing areas in the country the most pet friendly are in Mendocino County. We have close to 50 wineries and tasting rooms that welcome us to experience with our uprights the joy and delight of exploring and tasting the wonderful array of Mendocino produced wine and beers. The choice, styles, variety and abundance of award winning wineries, distilleries and breweries is amazing. Mendocino County wineries and tasting rooms possess charm, fun and value while showcasing beautifully the intimate artisanal, organic, sustainable and biodynamic approach to winemaking, distilling and brewing in some of the most unspoiled and breathtaking countryside imaginable. In fact, your chance of being at the tasting rooms to meeting the owner and hearing first hand all about their processes is very high. Many wineries or breweries have tasting rooms that are open daily; others can be experienced by making an appointment. Some basic things to remember: only let us visit wineries and other public venues if we are in a good and joyful mood. Being leashed is required in virtually all wineries and tasting rooms. Many have picnic facilities and a couple of wineries have off leash areas for us to romp & roll while visiting, with more considering having off leash runs. Remember to have your uprights mention that we will be accompanying them when making appointments at the wineries that request them. Also, remind your uprights to drink responsibly and to have a designated driver. Or, don’t worry at all about driving and book a tour by one of Mendocino’s personal wine tour companies for a unique custom designed wine tour adventure. Happy tasting and cheers to all.


Hairy Putter on the Skunk TrainOf course, WE are always the star attraction, but here in Mendocino County we have our fair share of other attractions that you can participate in and enjoy along with the uprights. Can we talk kayaking and canoeing, hiking, frolicking on beaches, riding steam trains, peeing on giant redwoods, walking 37 acres of botanical gardens, touring dozens of wineries, visiting art centers, galleries and boutiques; or how about boarding a boat for a ride out on the ocean, chasing the whales, fishing for salmon, crab, lingcod or tuna? If luck is on your side you may be able to catch your own dinner.

Mendocino County is the home of some wonderful and unique festivals and fun events, however not all events are pet friendly. If your uprights are planning to attend an event during a festival, have them check on the pet policy. This may be the time that you get to meet, play and hangout with the locals (uprights see the Pet Sitting Section of my guide). Fun-loving fur paw pals note: there’s no need for separation anxiety. You can get dropped off at a leash-free doggy day camp or if one-on-one attention is preferred, have the uprights hire your own personal dog sitter or, as I call them, new play pals to amuse, entertain and spoil you.

Hairy Putter Invites You to Experience Mendocino County

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