The Attic of Mendocino

Rare antique treasures and truly unique memorabilia.

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Walking through your grandparent’s 1920s bungalow - small, cozy rooms all with a garden view, a fireplace, and a solarium with a magnificent view of the Mendocino Bay and blue Pacific, your discoveries are endless - there's a beloved sled leaning in one corner, old tools, toys and figurines, trunks that open to reveal vintage clothing and travel mementos, a spinning wheel, your Uncle Henry's cameras and photo equipment from another time, a well preserved 1930s Schwinn, seasonal decorations waiting to be hung and old photographs —this is but a sampling of the experience you will have at The Attic of Mendocino.  
Discover a carefully selected collection of antique, mid-century, and vintage artifacts sharing space with retro-inspired products, repurposed and restored frames and assemblages, vintage-inspired calendars and glassware, floral and garden items and other unique home décor. There are antique and vintage tools, toys and figurines, cameras and related equipment, antique art and vintage black and white photography, and of course a small selection of antique books.
The Attic of Mendocino is located on Main Street in the former Arts and Crafts home of Dr. Carl V. Whited, DDS, a well-respected and community-minded resident of Mendocino. The home, his office, and the garage, built between 1922 and 1925, have all been lovingly restored and the view from the front steps and the solarium can be breathtaking. 
The Attic of Mendocino is not your typical antique store, and there is no additional charge for time travel!