From Farm to Fork: Mendocino County Farmers Markets

fresh veggies, right off the farm
fresh veggies, right off the farm

Farmers markets are all around Mendocino County. Whether you’re here for a visit or just passing through, they are great places to pick up some local flavor!

With its numerous microclimates, Mendocino County the ultimate Farm to Fork destination! Farmers here grow a veritable cornucopia of crops: olives, apples, pears, peaches, and all kinds of greens. There are cattle ranches that raise beef, pork and buffalo naturally, and even makers of goat and other cheese. Many county agricultural operations welcome visitors by appointment. The Anderson Valley Foodshed Group has published Mendocino County’s Local Food Guide, which you can find online at The easiest way to find local foods (including freshly caught seafood) from Mendocino producers is at farmers’ markets around the county. For a list of markets, visit the Mendocino County Farmers’ Market Association website at



1. Locally grown food is fresher and tastes better

2. Local produce & meats are more nutritious

3. Buying local allows you to know how your food was produced. Ask!

4. Local food supports local farm families

5. Local food builds community

6. Local food promotes open space & biodiversity

7. Local food creates food security in your community

8. Local food keeps your money local

9. Local food decreases your carbon footprint

10. Local food creates a better future for all of us



Boonville: Year Round; Saturdays, 9:30am-Noon at the Boonville Hotel and at Seebass Tasting Room (outside).

Fort Bragg: Year Round; Wednesdays 3-5pm at Franklin & Laurel Streets and Old Recreation Center Gym (indoors).

Laytonville: Year Round; Mondays, 2:30-5:30pm. Downtown on Highway 101 and Laytonville Grange Hall (indoors).

Mendocino: May through November; Fridays, Noon-2pm at Howard and Main Streets.

Redwood Valley: June through October; Sundays, 9:30am-12:30pm at Lions Park.

Ukiah: Year Round; 9-Noon at School and Clay Streets.

Willits: Year Round; Thursdays 3-6pm at Willits City Park and Little Lake Grange (indoors).

Don’t forget to check out Mendocino County’s Annual Food, Wine & Beer Festivals!