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The Montreal Gazette

It’s one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. The highway sign as you enter the town says it all. Philo, elevation 331, population 349.

The Province: California Coastal Town Frozen in Time

California coastal paradise of Mendocino is a town lost in time

Wine Spectator: The New Frontier of California Pinot Noir

Anderson Valley, in remote and beautiful Mendocino County, is a hidden gem. Local vintners are leading the way in redefining Mendocino wine and what the future may hold. A behind-the-scenes look at an emerging region...

Via Magazine: California's Highway 1

Brilliant sunsets, weathered barns, hillside pastures, lively arts, and redwood-fringed ocean views: This 60-mile stretch of rural Highway 1 tracing the jigsaw curves of California’s coastal bluffs stirs reflection and romance.

Marina Times: Explore the Beauty of Mendocino

On a gorgeous day, driving to Mendocino is a dream. Wind through the verdant Anderson Valley wine region and the Navarro River Redwoods State Park to Highway 1. Hit the rugged coast and it’s stunning — the crashing waves against the rocks, lush vegetation, and the village of Mendocino sitting high on a bluff.

Mountain Bike Guide Author Roo Harris Reveals 25 Great Trails

  The second edition of “Mountain Biking the Mendocino Coast and Beyond” offers 25 trail rides (23 near Fort Bragg) with details about mileage, vertical climb and illustrated colored maps to help you find your way. The book is a must-have item for mountain bike enthusiasts of all levels.

Press Democrat: What's New, Mendocino

There was a time in Mendocino County when hops had a heyday, right around the 1920s, before Prohibition and before the surge of interest in growing wine grapes.

Wine Enthusiast: American Beer Trails

Keep heading north to historic Hopland, where the state’s first brewpub was opened in 1933.

Sonoma Family Life: The Wonders of Whales

Annual Migration Viewing Options Abound

Northbay Biz: Awaiting Rediscovery

 We’ve all heard the comparisons of Mendocino County to Sonoma and Napa counties:

San Francisco Magazine: It's Official: Mendocino's Best Crab Cakes and Wine

Didn't make it to Mendocino’s famous crab and wine festival last weekend? Not to worry. Here’s how to taste the best in show during a weekend getaway, without the expensive ticket. 

7x7 Magazine: Bay Area Lighthouses

Lighthouses may have been designed to guide sailors, but they do a pretty good job of getting the attention of drivers as well. Throw them in the mix with a day off, and you’ve got a good reason to hop in the car and go for a drive.

NBC Bay Area: All Aboard the Crab and Wine Express

SUPPING BY THE SKUNK: California has many pleasures. Being first in line for the Matterhorn or Space Mountain on a sunny summer Saturday is up there.

PubClub: California Cultures Mix at Mendocino Crab Wine & Beer Festival 2013

 It goes without saying that cracking crabs and drinking beer go together. That’s commonplace along the East Coast, particularly in Maryland, home of crab cakes and beer.

NBC Bay Area: Worth the Drive: Mendocino's Coolest Crab Confab

COOL MONTHS CRAB: Somehow, through time and taste and a hundred ad campaign meetings, seafood and specifically shellfish has become a summertime delight. Picture a crowd of laughing friends on a deck, laughing, drinking chardonnay and wearing sundresses and such.
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